Pods Make Moving Easier

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Long distance moving companies
If you have are moving soon and are looking for a better method of transport than a renting a truck, you can look into pods rentals. With a portable storage unit rental, you will be able to have the best move possible. When you rent a pod unit, the company will drop it off at your home and you can keep it for any amount of time, allowing you to pack and move at your own pace. When you use pods for your move, everything about the process will suddenly become more simplified. This is because instead of having to race around in one or two days, you can load the pod at your pace. When you are done with any pods, you can simply call in the parent company and they will pick it up, then take it to your new house.

A To Do List For Those Who Are Moving Out Of State

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It can be both exciting and overwhelming to think about moving out of state. While there are new opportunities and experiences awaiting you, there are also things to be packed up and moved with you. To make things go smoother and feel less stressful you’ll want to make plans for moving well ahead of time. Two months prior to your move you will want to examine your moving budget. Get estimates from moving companies or truck rental centers. Put together a folder to hold all of your receipts. Get a new resident packet from the Chamber of Commerce in your new town. Think about where you want to put things in your new home. Gather up all of your important records. One month prior to moving you will need to reserve a truck. You also need to notify the U.S. Postal Service of your change of address. Set up a time for all of your utilities to be unconnected and reconnected. Two weeks before moving you will want to confirm all of your travel arrangements. Close or transfer your bank account and make sure that you have enough cash on you. Notify anyone that you receive mail from that you are moving. Try to use up all of the food in your refrigerator. The week before you move you will want to finish packing everything but your valuables and anything that you will want to put in a suitcase to take with you personally. Clean out and defrost your refrigerator. Make sure that all of your necessary prescriptions are filled. Once moving day arrives you will be busy moving your items or directing others how to do so. Make sure that everything is out of your old home and into your new home. You will also want to make sure that you leave a forwarding address at your old home just in case you have overlooked any mail.