Use Helpful Tools to Ease the Burden of Relocation

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In 2010 alone, 6.7 million American households chose to pack up and move. But thought that number might seem quite high, the reality is that the annual migration, which held steady at around 20% through the mid-1960’s, has recently declined to its current low of less than 12%. There are lots of factors that contribute to that trend, including the state of the economy, but much of it has to do with the difficulties associated with moving. Fortunately, moving pods companies can help with every step of the relocation process and help families overcome some of the obstacles to smoothly transitioning from one home to another. Nowadays, movers, especial

Practically Perfect Moving with Pods

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Moving is neither easy on the back or the budget, but sometimes it is just something we have to do. Thankfully, there are plenty of stress relieving options out there today to help make a move simple and affordable. No matter what kind of move you are facing, there are movers out there that will make it a smooth transition. You should do plenty of research on the companies near you, and ask what packages they offer. If you are traveling far, you will want a company that has trained long distance movers. If you are making a military move, or have a significant gap between your previous

Choosing and Using Moving and Storage Pods

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If you are planning a move in the near future, consider using moving pods for this purpose. Over fifteen percent of the US population moves annually, so the opportunities and facilities for pods moving and pods storage in general are quite plentiful in most cities and metro areas. Interestingly, the annual migration rate to new cities and areas is at a current low of less than 12 percent , while this rate held steady at 20 percent through the middle of the 1960s. When using pods or any other moving and storage solution, there are a few things to remember. First of all, if you plan to move between June and September, this is the most popular time of year to do so. With that being the case, moving companies tend to charge more for their services during this time of year than any other, so try to plan your move outside of these months if at all possible in order to save money. Create a checklist of things to do once you know your moving date, and be sure to pack a survival box of the things you use daily, such as a cell phone charger, coffee pot, and change of clothes if your move is particularly long. With a little organization and forethought, your experience with moving pods should be a great one! Learn more at this link.