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  • Use Helpful Tools to Ease the Burden of Relocation

    In 2010 alone, 6.7 million American households chose to pack up and move. But thought that number might seem quite high, the reality is that the annual migration, which held steady at around 20% through the mid-1960’s, has recently declined to its current low of less than 12%. There are lots of factors that contribute […]

  • Practically Perfect Moving with Pods

    Moving is neither easy on the back or the budget, but sometimes it is just something we have to do. Thankfully, there are plenty of stress relieving options out there today to help make a move simple and affordable. No matter what kind of move you are facing, there are movers out there that will […]

  • Choosing and Using Moving and Storage Pods

    If you are planning a move in the near future, consider using moving pods for this purpose. Over fifteen percent of the US population moves annually, so the opportunities and facilities for pods moving and pods storage in general are quite plentiful in most cities and metro areas. Interestingly, the annual migration rate to new […]