Practically Perfect Moving with Pods

Long distance movers

Moving is neither easy on the back or the budget, but sometimes it is just something we have to do. Thankfully, there are plenty of stress relieving options out there today to help make a move simple and affordable.

No matter what kind of move you are facing, there are movers out there that will make it a smooth transition. You should do plenty of research on the companies near you, and ask what packages they offer. If you are traveling far, you will want a company that has trained long distance movers. If you are making a military move, or have a significant gap between your previous home and your new home, you may want to find movers that offer pods.

Pods are great for moves where you want to take your time, or if you need your items stored for a few days or weeks in between homes. A reliable pods company will drop your storage pods at your door. You can choose to get them in advance so you have plenty of time to pack and load them. It can be nice to get things out of the house as you pack them so you are not crowded and disorganized by boxes all over the house.

Once you have complete packing the pods, the moving company will pick them up from your house and take them to their storage facility. Depending on how long you have to store your things, you may want to ask about your access to the pods. Most facilities will have a key or code for you to get in, while others have operating hours where you can access your belongings.

Also depending on the amount of time you will be needing the pods storage, and the time of year, you may want to consider finding a facility that stores them indoors. There are plenty of moving companies that have temperature and moisture controlled warehouses for storage.

Once you are finally ready to move into your new home, the pods service will deliver the pod to the door of your new home. Again, you can unpack at your discretion, and they will remove the pods when you are ready. Be sure to do plenty of research about the quality and reliability of the company through blogs and reviews. You will also want to compare prices and may be able to save money the quicker you can make the move. With a little moving smarts, and some good background research, you will be moving with ease without even breaking the bank.


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