North American Shipping The All Mighty Truck

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Over 80 percent of all the goods brought to Canada from the United States are brought by trucks, and the number of truck drivers has risen significantly over the last few years. All that extra traffic means more and more goods are being shipped from farther and farther away, and that means increased use of refrigerated trailers (also called reefer trailers or reefer trucks). In 1987 the Montreal Protocol banned the inclusion of Freon, a dangerous chemical coolant, in any newly manufactured reefer trailer. The new protocol meant that cold chain suppliers had to employ a complex redundant system of primary and backup refrigeration units in order to ship their goods safely and efficiently.

As transportation procedures constantly expand and change, shipping companies are forced to consider every option when outfitting their fleet. Sheer quantity of goods on the road have increased trailers sales across both the United States and Canada, and for special orders some companies find that short term trailer rentals are actually more cost effective (and less hassle with regards to trailer maintenance). Simultaneously, in the quest for reliable, affordable trailers sales and auctions are prime opportunities for fleet expansion.

With the advent of the Internet, trailers sales companies as well as dealers offering rental trailers can now reach a global market. Whether renting, leasing, or purchasing outright, a company can examine multiple options from their home office before heading out to a lot to inspect the vehicle firsthand. And many trailers sales venues offer bulk pricing, since often times potential buyers will be outfitting or replacing an entire fleet of trucks and trailers.

And as trailers sales and resales grow, the number of affordable used trucks and trailers grows as well. Many independent long distance owner operators have been able to purchase their vehicle or vehicles from used trailers sales lots. Some major shipping companies, when faced with a delivery job outside their normal routes, will turn to these independent contractors to fill a special order.

Canada and the United States share the longest open border in the world, so it comes as no surprise that two thirds of all trade between the two nations is done by truck. Trucks are now, and will continue to be, not just a common site on the road, but a vital part of the North American shipping economy. See more.

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