Four Quick Facts to Know About Email Marketing

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Why do 92 percent of businesses currently use email marketing to send out messages about the new products and service their company offers? Well, when you think about it, why would they not? Email marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to deliver news about your company to your consumers. If your business is part of that 8 percent that does not currently send out regular marketing information via email, here is why you should start:

1. It works!

Data shows that 44 percent of all email marketing recipients made at least one purchase based on a promotion they saw advertised in an email. Furthermore, 33 percent of those people base their decision on whether or not to partake in the deal based on the subject of the email alone. All it takes is some careful email designing and wording, and you can have a sale just like that.

2. It couples well with social media.

Every email blast you send out about promotions and updates should additionally be pushed out to your social media channels as well. Think about it. If a person has “liked” or “followed” you on social media, they will see this marketing information even if they are not on the email list. Plus, if they do receive the email, the social media post gives them double exposure, increasing their likelihood to take advantage of your deal.

3. It is only getting bigger.

Nearly 56 percent of businesses say they plan to increase their email marketing plans in the next year. Along with social media management and search engine optimization, email marketing growth is one of the fastest-growing forms of effective promotional communication. For maximum returns, embed social media sharing buttons in the body of your emails. You could get up to a 158-percent higher click-through rate!

4. It is a great weekly tool.

About 39 percent of businesses say they utilize their promotional email sending service about once a week. Only 6 percent opted for daily emails, and the reason for this is clear. You cannot drown your customers in messages. If they think you are annoying, they will sever their ties, which means bad news for your entire email marketing model. Space out your emails and see that once a week works just fine.

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