Are You Truly Interested In Your Career Field? Here’s How To Tell

Working as an EHS coordinator can be exhausting. Whether you’re a construction safety consultant or an environmental engineer, it takes a lot of passion and a lot of effort to continue forging ahead in a demanding career path.

Here’s how to tell if you’re on the right path or if you need to look for other safety jobs.

You use the stress productively

No matter what career field you enter, it’s going to come with a healthy dose of stress. But if you’re feeling consistently overwhelmed by your duties instead of pushed to go further, you may need to change up your job.

The right amount of stress will encourage you to work harder, solve more problems, and do better in your career field. While it can get overwhelming at times, you should be experiencing more good days than bad.

Your job excites you

You might not be jumping for joy, but as a whole, you should be excited at the prospect of going into work each day. Safety construction jobs ensure the safety of millions nationwide. Without you, countless people could be at risk.

If you’re not thinking of yourself as a superhero, you’re doing it wrong. Environmental safety jobs are what greases the wheels of the national economy. Get excited about your work because you’re the one who’s pushing the world to do better.

You love what you do

To be successful in occupational health and safety jobs, you have to care for people and the environment. This should motivate you to do all you can to protect the people you work with and the world you inhabit. In fact, it’s because of jobs in environmental management and safety that safety standards have improved consistently since the 1970s. In fact, the ’70s witnessed nearly 38 workplace fatalities daily. This has dropped by more than half in 2016 to only 14. This is all because of the work you and others like you perform. If this doesn’t excite you, you may need to look for a new career.

Finding a new job is hard, but you shouldn’t stick around with a career that doesn’t make you happy. Visit our website today to see our new postings for safety jobs, risk control careers, and more when you want to love your job.

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