Three Tips for Choosing the Right Cannabis Consultant for Your Business

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Although only Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington have fully legalized cannabis, the legal marijuana industry is expected to be worth around $10.2 billion in the United States in the next five years. Additionally, the industry has created nearly 10,000 jobs in Colorado in 2014 alone due to the growing number of dispensaries and retail stores that have opened throughout the past year.

But how do these businesses open — and stay open? Despite the consumer demand for cannabis, these stores can’t succeed without obtaining the necessary cannabis business licenses and using the right cultivation and marketing techniques. The simplest way for these businesses to get the expertise they need is to work with a cannabis consultant.

Cannabis consulting groups can vary, especially if they only specialize in one thing or another. If you are looking into starting a medical marijuana business or a recreational cannabis shop, here are three things you should consider before you hire a cannabis consultant.

1. Ask about previous clients. When you choose a cannabis consulting agency, you’ll want to ensure that you’re choosing a group that will start you off on the right foot. Find out how many business licenses that agency has won. If possible, your consultant should be able to provide references so you can find out about past success stories.

2. Keep niche in mind. Some cannabis consultants have an area of specialty, so be sure to ask what it is your consultant can help you with. For example, as you file the paperwork for your business, you’ll need someone who is adept in explaining the legal issues pertaining to cannabis businesses. But when it comes time to develop a cannabis cultivation business plan or begin marketing your products, you’ll want someone who can offer guidance in these areas, as well. A consulting firm should be able to provide you with all of the resources you could need.

3. Find out exactly what you’re getting. Will you be able to receive “face time” with your consultant? How often can you call? Is there a consultant available in your state? Make sure you have a clear idea of how involved your consultant will be every step of the way as you establish your business.

What questions do you have about choose a consultant for your cannabis business? Let us know.

There Is Crucial Hardware All Around You That You Do Not Even Know About.

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Everywhere you look, and everywhere you do not, are little pieces of hardware that keep our furniture, and our lives, in one piece. From T knobs to cable glands, from rubber grommets to nylon nuts, our lives would be in shambles and pieces, were it not for these silent heroes keeping it all together. They are taken for granted and underrated, but we would be lost without them.

An example is the cable gland, or cable connector in the United states. This little guy simply secures the end of a cable to a piece of equipment. An easy task, but think of how we would be doing it without that piece specifically designed for the task. The wires running to appliances, snaking through walls, have little comb devices in them making them more convenient to use. This wire management keeps the wires separated for safety purposes, as well as for easy organization.

Rubber grommets can offer water tight seals, or prevent the slipping of things like wires, but the right size is crucial in order to attain the desired effect and for accurate installation. Nylon nuts can be used for machinery pieces that are regularly taken apart. The nylon is more durable and strip resistant than a metal piece, and will survive the regular screwing and unscrewing process.

Think about casters that help you wheel about in your office chair, or the leveling feet on your desk that keep your pencils from rolling off, or even the desk grommet that protects the wires that are run through a hole in your desk. Things like T knobs, hinges, washers, spacers and latches are all over the place, although we may never think to look for them. They are so omnipresent we take them for granted as being a piece of the scenery.

The next time you open your front door or sit down at your desk, take the time to look at all of the tiny little pieces that went into making it usable. Imagine what life would be like without those bits of hardware. It puts life into a whole new perspective when you realize how important something so small truly is.

Get Everything Done With The Right Moving Crew

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You just got the promotion you have been wanting and now you are being relocated across the country. You want to focus on the exciting move but instead, the stress of moving has that feeling over shadowed. Lucky for you there are many options and companies out there that can make your move as easy as possible. No longer does the headache of moving have to outweigh the excitement of a new life! Start your checklist and do not settle for anyone that is not going to work for you. The first thing you need to focus on is finding a moving company that travels long distance. Many time companies will advertise a low rate to haul your things using their truck. Unfortunately, the long haul will add fees and expenses that you might not have planned for. With a company that can travel long distance, you can be assured you will have hands to help you out of your old house and into your new house. Moving will be a breeze knowing you are under the care of one company the whole time. Having all your needs taken care of by one company is great. The next thing you need to be searching for is a company that can do it all. Yes, it is possible! Choose professionals that can offer boxes, a truck, a lift and maybe even a driver. You will want all hands on deck for your big moving experience. Condense all your work into one project and do not stress about who is handling what. Then, you can rest assured knowing that all the little projects are being taken care of that you might not have thought about. You have much bigger things to work out. Delegate all your moving plans onto one company for a quick, smooth and more efficient move. Moving no longer has to be stressful. There are tools and services available to you that will make things easy and convenient. Search now for the right company for your move. Be sure to make a check list of things you need from the company such as an affordable rate and an all inclusive package. Start planning your big move today so when that day comes, everything has already been taken care of. Enjoy your new life in your new home. Leave the stress to the professionals and enjoy the move!